The primary focus of the programme is to support students into the workforce after completion of the programme. It is also to support learner into further education relating to increasing the service industries (Retail and Hospitality) skills and qualifications to support entry into the workforce at a later stage.

The Customer Service programme is a training and job placement programme that links skills training and support with work experience training focused toward job placement. Each step forward has success with an end focus firmly set on employment. This incorporation of on-job industry relevant training through stair casing students into in-work support options aims to assist students to complete qualifications started in the training centre and transferring learning into a work environment.

Training with Tree House has been designed around individual training plans where learners can work through the subjects and training that will benefit them within a workplace. An understanding of management, teamwork and work ethics provides students with an insight into the everyday workings of a workplace. We incorporate a literacy and numeracy component in our training with a focus on workplace applications in a retail or distribution environment. We aim to provide education opportunities to assist with developing long term careers and personal independence.

The other main areas of skill development in the programme content include basic customer service and knowledge of health and safety practice, routine calculations, products, and legislation. In addition, the learner will be able to demonstrate a range of skills through the elective unit standards including selling, merchandising, stock control and data entry.

The educational component is designed to allow students the ability to achieve each certificate with “manageable” rates of learning and regular achievements.